Top Samurai Adventures

In this day and age, lots of Samurai warrior enthusiasts and history buffs aim to experience the top Samurai adventures.

These individuals thrive on immersing themselves in the world of these historical warriors. Because of that, they continue searching for places and activities to relive the lives of these honorable people.

Today, we are sharing with you a list of the top Samurai adventures that you can enjoy when visiting Japan. These include activities to engage in, plus places to visit that you shouldn’t miss.

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

First on our top Samurai adventure list is the Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura. It’s a history-based cultural theme park that recreates people’s daily town-life in the Edo period. Built and designed as a little town, the park accurately exhibits and showcases Edo’s architectural style.

To enhance the theme park’s aesthetics and ambiance, “townspeople” are present to bring more life to the area. These individuals dress in period costumes so guests can fully enjoy and feel the Edo Wonderland.

Due to its accuracy, the theme park often appears as a setting for period TV dramas or Taiga dramas.

Image Source: English: Abasaa日本語: あばさー / Public domain

If you plan to visit, you can also dress up and rent Japanese costumes for a fee. While in costume, tour the town and visit their historically based museums and shops, then participate in various period games.

Moreover, you can enjoy live shows and theater performances that were popular in the Edo period.

Usually, shops and restaurants that are around the park sell souvenirs such as woodblock prints, teapots, and toy weapons.

However, other shops like the Armor Repair shop and Blacksmith are replica storefronts displaying how ancient craftsmen worked.

Not only that, but there are two wax museums there as well. These are the Kira Kozukenosuke Residence and the Kodenmacho Jail House.

The places exhibit the horrible scenes of torture, prison life, vengeance, and battles during the period.

Samurai & Ninja Interactive Museum & Show

This interactive museum is everything that a Samurai enthusiast needs, which makes it one of the top Samurai adventures around.

First, you’ll have a guided tour of the history and Samurai of Kyoto. After, you can experience wearing Samurai armor and even learn sword techniques from a swordmaster.

What’s more, there is an interactive Shinobi experience session where you can try throwing Shuriken at a target. If that’s not your thing, you can try using the blowgun, which is another tool used by the Shinobi.

The tour ends with an exciting and fun-filled Samurai show. It’s a great tour since all the activities are part of your ticket, and the museum is one of the best-rated in Kyoto.

Kyoto, Japan – September 19, 2016: Majestic Kara-mon gate at the Nijo Castle.

If you want to try slicing things with a real Katana, this museum offers a fun activity for all. It is the Tameshigiri Sword Cutting Experience which is available numerous times within the day.

Now if you enjoy Samurai games, the museum offers a fun VR game service located on their second floor.

The Samurai & Ninja Museum is more than just your simple museum. It’s like an interactive Samurai village with history about the Samurai, plus free Zen lessons.

By taking the tour and taking advantage of the experiences, it will make you feel just like a Samurai from the past.

This museum can be visited anytime from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Guests need to search for the sign close to the Nishiki Market. Once in the museum, remember to ask the staff about the Kyoto city’s hidden Samurai spots.

Samurai Knife Asano Kajiya

Another one on our top Samurai adventures list is creating classic Japanese crafts to make for a memorable time when visiting Japan.

Try your luck in creating a personal dagger at a blacksmith led by a professional. Learn how the masters create these Nihonto, then apply what you’ve learned by creating your dagger.

You’ll find this place outside Kyoto. Despite that, guests visiting Kyoto can give this activity a try for that once in a lifetime moment.

Asano Kajiya is only 10 minutes away from Nagoya, and 30 minutes from Kyoto. It’s a studio of Asano Fusataro who’s a certified sword maker in Japan. Here, you can spend a productive and satisfying visit creating Samurai knives.

samurai knife

Guests can try various work in the studio, such as making adjustments using a file, sharpening, blading, quenching, and more. Here, one of the most memorable experiences would be waiting for the creation of an actual knife.

Do note that creating a knife is a tedious process; hence, it requires a lot of time. But during a trip to Asano Kajiya, it will be completed in one day, around seven hours in total.

The best part of this top Samurai adventure is that you’ll return to your home with an incredibly cool souvenir. It’s also something that you created yourself, which makes it even better.

Remember that you might end up spending most of the day traveling to the workshop and staying in there. But despite that, it’s worth it.

Kyoto Samurai Experience

This activity allows guests to try out Tameshigiri cutting. It takes place in a house’s backyard in Omiya which is accessible via a 10-minute walk from Nijo castle.

The staff here can speak English, and they will instruct and assist those visiting the area. Participants are encouraged to use black Hakama while practicing Tameshigiri.

After the activity, guests can listen to Shakuhachi Japanese flute performances by masters. Simultaneously, they’ll also observe how Buddhist singing bowls work for meditation.

Samurai training in a traditional dojo, in Tokyo

Samurai Film

The Samurai Film is another popular activity that’s part of our list of top Samurai adventures. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a real Samurai film, then this is your chance.

Samurai Film provides a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience put together by professional stuntmen.

It’s one of the newest, hottest, and most exciting activities in Japan to date. This is because you’ll work with the pros to experience a movie-style fight scene, the Samurai warrior way.

To make things more interesting, they’re occasionally available at the Haneda Airport too. With that, you can make a reservation and go straight to the airport earlier than usual.

When you do, you’ll experience and enjoy a real Samurai warrior experience before you board your flight.

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