Top Samurai Fashion Advice

Samurai is one of the most respected and feared historical figures. These warriors commit to their practices and live with loyalty and honor. That’s why fashionistas who follow their ways, look for top Samurai fashion advice to express their admiration for these warriors.

Dressing like a Samurai is something you can do to live like one. However, they didn’t wear our modern-day attire when engaging in battles. Instead, they used protective armor, helmets, and swords as accessories.

When they weren’t on the battlefield, they wore traditional Japanese clothing.

With Samurai style clothing being trendy these days, numerous fashion companies started producing traditional style inspired, yet modern-day garments. These make it easier for Samurai enthusiasts to dress like the historical figures that they highly admire.

To dress like the Samurai warriors, we’re giving you some of our top Samurai fashion advice to get that look.

Modern Samurai Look

A modern Samurai look incorporates today’s clothing with traditional styles that date back to the period of the Samurai. It’s one of the most natural looks you can achieve since you can readily use your standard outfits.

Here’s a top Samurai fashion advice that you can follow to get that modern Samurai look. Try wearing a silk Kimono and a stylish belt. Then, match it with a pair of jeans for a unique look.Modern Samurai

To improve your appearance, choose a combination of vibrant and impressive colors. It’s perfect to combine silk Kimono with a complimenting shade for your pants to complete the look. For your pants, use fashionable strings along the hem to keep these close to your leg.

Samurai. Land’s Samurai with Red Hat Basic T-shirt is something you can use to complete your modern Samurai look. Combine this with a cotton or synthetic fiber Kimono to give off a cool, unique vibe and style.

The shirt comes in Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Charcoal, Light Blue, Smoke, and Navy. Its Heather shades are Heather Blue, Heather Dark Grey, Heather Green, Heather Purple, and Heather Grey.

With a wide selection of colors, you can easily choose a perfect shirt to combine with your Kimono. Samurai. The land also offers a lot of designs from its Samurai clothing and Zodiac clothing collections. Having all of these options lets you easily express yourself and your interest in the Samurai culture.

Samurai Anime Look

Are you a fan of Samurai anime series like Samurai Champloo? If you are, here’s a top Samurai fashion advice for the Samurai anime aesthetic. You can sport an outfit inspired by one of the characters from your favorite series.

One of the characters in the series is Fuu, the savvy female protagonist. For a Fuu-inspired look, you can wear breathable and comfortable pieces of clothing in light colors. For the top, wear a light turtleneck then mix it with a female’s floral kimono to complete the attire.

Complete this look with a pair of harem pants in rose quartz hues. You can also use warm and neutral-colored accessories to match your attire.

For males’ attire, you can go for an outfit inspired by Mugen, one of the male protagonists of Samurai Champloo.

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This character doesn’t care much about appearance, so he goes for a more convenient, comfortable, and useful attire for survival. Most of his clothing enhance his combat abilities, like the spikes on his sandals.

Although you won’t engage in combat like the Samurai warriors, Mugen’s outfit is trendy with a comfortable look. To achieve this getup, wear a pair of tribal print jogging pants, a deep red Haori, and turquoise sneakers.

For Mugen’s outfit, you can wear one of Samurai. Land’s V-neck T-shirts under the Haori to complete your Samurai fashion.

Kimono-Style Jackets for Office Wear

Although Western clothing has replaced traditional Japanese attire today, some people still wear kimonos. They use various traditional Japanese clothing for formal attire, making it a top Samurai fashion advice to follow.

Kimono-style jackets usually come with attractive details that make it look more fashionable. It has the same type of Miyatsu Guchi side openings used on a traditional Kimono.

With that, this type of jacket keeps the excellent shape of your sleeves and enhances your overall appearance.

Unlike a traditional Kimono, the Kimono-style jackets feature three concealed pockets inside. Here, you can store small valuables like your smartphone, a thin wallet, or your business cards. It has a little Chi for attaching the rope or belt to fasten the front portion of the Kimono-style jacket.

The best thing about wearing Kimono-style jackets is that you can customize it based on your liking using different accessories. It’s a unisex garment that comes in various colors and designs to meet everyone’s requirements. Aside from office use, you can also wear it for formal occasions.

Black kimono

This idea makes for another top Samurai fashion advice one can apply to get that Samurai aesthetic.

Printed Samurai-inspired T-Shirts

There’s another simple top Samurai fashion advice you can follow to show your admiration for the Samurai. It is by wearing printed T-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies. These are great alternatives to traditional garments since they’re more convenient to wear.

Samurai.Land V-Neck T-Shirts

For T-shirts, we recommend V-neck T-shirts from Samurai. Land’s Samurai clothing collection. One of the best designs is Snake Samurai. This V-neck T-shirt features a printed design of a snake wearing Samurai gear, together with the Daisho.

The shirt comes in a wide variety of colors, including Black, White, Charcoal, City Green, Navy, Red, and Smoke. The Heather colors include Heather Blue, Heather Grey, and Heather Purple. Zip Hoodies from Samurai Land.

For top Samurai fashion advice, we recommend Samurai. Land’s Samurai Tori Gate Zip Hoodie from the Samurai clothing collection. Its back has a printed design of a Samurai warrior standing after the Torii or traditional Japanese gate.

This zip hoodie features front pouch pockets. The right pocket has a hidden opening for your earphones’ cord.

Additionally, it comes in multiple choices of colors. These include Arctic White, Oxford Navy, Burgundy, Charcoal, Royal Blue, Steel Grey, and Jet Black.

Other colors are Sun Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink, Bottle Green, Kelly, New French Navy, Orange Crush, and Heather Grey.


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