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Japan is known for its rich Samurai culture, and the tradition of giving gifts is deeply ingrained in their society. Their wrapped presents aren’t limited for holidays and birthdays but are given on every occasion possible.

If you have friends who are history buffs, or Samurai enthusiasts, giving them Samurai-related products as gifts is best.

There are tons of authentic Samurai-themed merchandise available today, and these come in various designs and types. You can choose Samurai-designed fashion items such as T-shirts, as well as Samurai figurines which are great for display.

Here is a list of the top Samurai products that you can give as gifts to your friends and loved ones.

Top Samurai Products – Statues from Samurai.Land

Samurai.Land is a shop that sells a variety of fashion items such as clothing and wallets. They even feature home decor and other interesting items that can make for excellent gifts for all.

Today, we’re looking at Samurai.Land’s top Samurai products, and to be specific, these are their Samurai statues.

Statue of Uesugi Kenshin in Kawanakajima Battle

The statue of Uesugi Kenshin is a classic historical replica of this Samurai warrior. It’s one of the best gifts to give since it displays Kenshin’s heroism during the Kawanakajima Battle.

The figure accurately replicates the original armor and gear worn by the warrior. This design was entirely achieved with the assistance and supervision of experts, which gives it an authentic appearance.

Made using polystone, this gorgeous replica of the warrior guarantees long shelf life and enhanced durability. When it comes to its helmet, it’s made from gold leaf to give it a more realistic and authentic look.

Ushegi Kensin

It’s modeled after the classic and treasured piece which is currently in the Uesugi shrine, Yonezawa Shi, Yamagata. Aside from the armor and helmet, the sword of the figurine also displays an exact replica of Kenshin’s sword.

Process and Production

All the methods of creating this figurine went through a thorough process under expert craftsmanship, ensuring perfection and accuracy. All their products are handcrafted at its finest, giving each of them more quality and authenticity.

Colors of each product are hand-painted to give off a more classic and traditional aesthetic. Also, each of its parts is designed with accurate detail to display the perfect image of the warrior. Because of that, the statue of Uesugi Kenshin in the Kawanakajima Battle is included in our top Samurai products today.

Figurine of Date Masamune Riding on a Horse (450 Years Birth Anniversary Edition)

This is one of the historical figures that clearly depicts an image of the warrior, Date Masamune, riding his horse. It’s a special piece and an excellent product since it commemorates 450 years of this warrior’s birth anniversary.

It’s a perfect figure that displays the image, weaponry, as well as the armor of Date. To make everything more accurate, they even hand-painted his white steed, which gives off a more realistic feel to it.

Date Masamune

Materials and Color

The material used for the figure is polystone and gold foil. These will keep the product tough and sturdy, hence, giving it long shelf life.

When it comes to the colors of this statue, every inch and corner of it features hand-painted portions. Whether it’s the warrior’s battle gear, his horse, and Date Masamune himself, the entire product is painted by hand.

How Big Is It?

The figurine of Date Masamune measures 158 x 210 x 105mm (W x H x D) and weighs 600g. Its measurements are perfect for display, and it also makes for a top Samurai product to purchase.

Sanada Yukimura Riding a Horse Statue

Another excellent replica of a historical figure is Sanada Yukimura riding on his steed. This statue excellently displays the warrior’s power and command.

His stance exudes prominence as a leader, while his gear and helmet are intricately-crafted like that of the warrior himself. To exactly replicate Sanada’s armor, historical records were gathered to mirror Ita style and design.

This replica of Sanada Yukimura makes for a great gift for enthusiasts and collectors. Every portion of the figurine is intricately designed to exactly match his full battle armor.

Expert skills in coloring the figurine are utilized to complete this gorgeous piece. To guarantee an authentic and classic aesthetic, the paint-job is entirely handmade, making it look even better.

Sanada Yukimura

Materials Used and Dimensions

The body of the figurine mainly consists of polystone, but also has adequate amounts of stone powder and synthetic resin. These materials are often present in industrial applications, so you can expect the durability of the statue.

To know the size of the statue, this replica measures 180 x 160 x 85mm (H x W x D). It weighs about 500g.

This figurine of Sanada Yukimura on his battle horse is an excellent piece for display. It’s a statue produced by Kensin, which is a brand known for high-quality items with longer shelf life.

Oda Nobunaga Riding on Horse – Red Mantle Version

One of the best gifts to give or collect for yourself is a classic replica of Oda Nobunaga on his horse. Additionally, he was a powerful warlord known as Demon King, and the figure depicts himself in the Nagashino Battle.

This figure of Oda has a Tanegashima on the horse’s right side. It displays the fact that the warlord utilized firearms during the Sengoku Period. It’s also interesting that Oda took advantage of the latest firearms during the era.

This figure of Oda Nobunaga features him wearing his favored Nanban Kabuto. Plus, the statue is intricately designed to accurately mirror the details on his armor, thigh protector, and the chest armor.

Oda Nobunaga

Professional craftsmen used shades of gold, red, and black to represent the unique charm and aesthetics of the Sengoku Period. Aside from the battle gear, these craftsmen were able to mirror the stern and cold expression of the warlord.

To acquire an accurate image of the warlord, professionals and experts were commissioned to research the armor’s details. Not only that, but the helmet and protective gear were also looked into. It’s to give the figurine an accurate representation of Oda Nobunaga.

In addition to that, craftsmen hand-painted this statue, to provide an authentic feel and aesthetic.

Oda Nobunaga Figurine Measurements

This replica of Oda Nobunaga riding his horse has depth, height, and width of 80mm, 145mm, and 105mm, respectively. For its weight, the figure weighs around 500g.

Kensei – For Honor 1/4 Scale Figurine

Another top Samurai product in our list is a figurine of the Kensei or Master of Swordsmanship. This warrior fights using a Nodachi, which is known as a long, deadly blade.

The armor and protective gear are completely detailed and is based on the main character of a multi-player video game. This game is For Honor: Kensei, produced by Ubisoft Entertainment.


It’s a ¼ scale figurine with an intricately accurate design, making it a perfect piece for display.

Generally, Kensei is known as an honorary title of the Japanese. It translates to “Sword Saint”, and only great warriors with excellent sword skills can acquire the title. This is a term used to state a higher level of perfection compared to Kengo which means “Great Sword”.

Top Samurai Products – Samurai.Land Fashion Items

Samurai.Land offers a variety of clothing with Samurai inspired designs. These are excellent fashionable items for one to showcase their love and appreciation for the Samurai culture.

Aside from gorgeous Samurai designs, Samurai.Land also offers their zodiac collection for hoodies and T-shirts.

The clothes from the zodiac collection let the wearer represent their astrological sign. Plus, they can show-off their traits that are comparable to a true Samurai warrior.

Here are the following top Samurai products from Samurai.Land when it comes to fashion items:

Pullover Hoodies with Pockets

This cool-looking hoodie is part of the Samurai clothing collection. It’s a unisex pullover piece so anyone can use it to make a fashion statement.

The material used for the product is 80% combed cotton and 20% polyester. Generally, the material used is lightweight at 320gsm, so wearing the hoodie will be comfortable at all times.


The three-ply brushed hoodie is a made to order item and is available in a variety of colors. You can choose from Candy Pink, Black, Dark/Light Heather, Claret Red, Dark Grey, Gold, Khaki, White, and Navy.

Available sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

Samurai.Land gives you over ten designs for their Pullover Hoodies with Pockets. Some have Butterflies on Samurai Hat, Samurai with Red Hat, and a Red Eye Samurai.

There’s also the Rising Sun Samurai, Naginata Samurai, and Swordsman Moonlight Festival.

Basic Samurai T-Shirt

The Basic Samurai T-Shirt is part of the Samurai clothing collection. It’s generally a standard T-Shirt with a Samurai-inspired design.

Designs you can select from including Rooster Samurai, Oni Demon, Samurai Cat, Rising Sun Samurai, Samurai Tori, and more.

Basic T-shirts

This shirt is made from 100% combed ringspun cotton, and is semi-fitted with a ribbed collar. It sports a shoulder to shoulder taping, a tubular body, plus twin needle sleeves and hem.

Like their other products, this shirt is made to order. Plus, it’s available in various shades for your convenience.

You can select from Black, Charcoal, Light Blue, Navy, Smoke, Royal Blue, Red, and White. There’s also a collection of Heather shades in Green, Dark, Grey, and Purple. Sizes available include small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra large.

Polo Shirt

This polo shirt from the brand is included in the list of top Samurai products.  It features a cool, embroidered design that adds to its charm and appeal.

Polo Shirts

The embroidered pieces feature a variety of unique Samurai-inspired designs. These include Tori Gate Samurai, Rising Sun Samurai, Samurai Fight Bamboo Forest, Samurai Daisho, Samurai Fight Rising Sun, and more.

There are various colors available like Red, Anthracite, Varsity Green, Azur, Heather Grey, Khaki, Black, Cotton, Pink, Stargazer, and more.

Materials used for the polo shirt is 100% organic ring-spun, combined cotton, and weighs 230gsm. It comes with a set-in sleeve, sleeve hem, and flat knit rib on the collar.

The polo shirt comes in different sizes. You can select from small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra large, and triple extra-large.

Other Top Samurai Products

Aside from figurines and T-shirts, there are other Samurai-related products that are available.

Samurai Cat Throw Cushion

This throw cushion is part of Samurai.Land’s Samurai home décor collection. Its design is printed at the back and front of the pillow and comes in two different shades. These are black and white.

There are also two sizes available (40×50 and 50x50cm) and features a Samurai cat design wearing a Kabuto helmet.Cushion

Bushido Dark Credit Card Wallet

This Bushido credit card holder wallet is another product from Samurai.Land. It’s made from dark distressed leather, and it’s designed to store more than eight cards in four available slots.

What’s cool about the wallet is that you can even store folded cash if you need to. The wallet sports a clean and minimalist design that helps you keep things organized while still being in style.

Bushido was an ancient code of conduct among the warrior class in Japan. The word comes from the word “Bushi” which means warrior, while “Do” means path or way. Literally, the word translates to Way of the Warrior.

Bushido card holder

Red Hat Samurai – Black Background Canvas Art Print

This Canvas art print is another item from Samurai.Land’s collection of Samurai home décor. The design is printed via UV ink that’s cured under an ultraviolet light bar.

It comes with a thick 24mm frame that holds the design of a Samurai wearing a red hat. The art print canvas is a great addition to your home for increased style and aesthetics. This is why it’s part of our top Samurai products list.

Canvas Art

Katana with Folded Clay-Tempered Tamahagane Steel and Hadori from

For the ultimate Samurai-related product to gift or own as part of your collection, a Katana would be best.

If possible, you can get a Japanese Katana made from folded clay tempered and Hadori-polished Tamahagane steel. Such items are available from a shop called Katanas for Sale.


They have a wide collection of quality-made Nihonto, and you can even opt for a customized piece based on your preferences.

When it comes to this folded, clay-tempered Katana, it features a fully-sharpened blade. This feature allows you to use it immediately for Tameshigiri.


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