Top Samurai Sword Sellers

A lot of people dream of being like the skilled, powerful, and disciplined Samurai warriors. Although this can be a challenging thing to achieve, there are different ways to be like a true Samurai warrior.

One method is by having a quality-made, functional sword coming from top Samurai sword sellers today.

Most people think that finding a good Samurai sword is an easy task. However, top-quality swords are not available in all weapon shops. A lot of them sell toys or decorative pieces, while others sell antique swords that are almost unaffordable.

Searching for Samurai swords can be frustrating since finding a legitimate seller is a challenging task. Now, you don’t have to worry about that since we’ve listed the top Samurai swords sellers today.

When you see for the first time, you’ll likely think that the shop only sells cheap decorative pieces.

However, this is the shop to go to for popular sword brands like Cold Steel, Ryumon, Musashi Swords, and Masahiro. The best thing about buying from is that their swords are usually two times cheaper than usual.

True Swords does not only sell these primary Japanese sword brands. They also have a stock of generic full tang swords at basement and bargain prices.

Aside from offering some of the most affordable swords, ships fast via Fed-ex. Also, their customer service is one of the best, making it a top Samurai Swords seller.

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai has been one of the top Samurai Swords sellers since 2003. In 2018, the website had a new lease when it was taken over by a top supplier.

Aside from a modern look for its website, Japanese Swords 4 Samurai also has a wide range of new products. Some of these include swords from different cultures and periods. The store continues to expand its product range daily.

Japanese Sword

Japanese Swords 4 Sale does not only commit to the best possible price, but they also keep their stocks full. It’s to allow for same-day shipping at all times and to keep customers satisfied. The shop also carefully inspects flaws and defects before shipping items out.

Additionally, this store offers unique gifts and free shipping once your purchase has reached a specific price point. You can contact them via phone or email if you have questions or support issues.

With all the benefits it offers, Japanese Swords 4 Samurai has become one of the top Samurai swords sellers today.

SBG Store (Sword Buyers Guide)

SBG or Sword Buyers Guide has manufacturer-direct deals and offers a lot of exclusive swords. Because of that, SBG is one of the top Samurai swords sellers on our list.

The shop carefully selects its products with a single criterion. If they didn’t buy the sword for themselves, they wouldn’t sell it in their shop.


Also, everything you directly purchase from SBG comes with a hassle-free return policy and lifetime warranty. They will cover blade damages in case something goes wrong.

SBG provides traditional customer service wherein you can directly contact the shop owner. Also, each purchase helps sustain and fund what they can do for you – offer the most exclusive swords.

Swords of the East

Swords of the East, as its name suggests, is a shop that only sells East Asian swords. Most of their products are Japanese swords, but they also have Chinese and Korean pieces.

This shop has one of the largest ranges of Japanese swords, selling blades from every major manufacturer.

Swords of East

Aside from their product range, Swords of the East offers competitive prices and free shipping. These are some of the reasons that make it one of the top Samurai swords sellers online.

The staff at Swords of the East are not only knowledgeable, but they also offer excellent customer service. They provide sound advice on which sword suits your needs and your budget.

Samurai Swords Store

Samurai Swords Store is one of the top Samurai swords sellers. It offers an exciting way to customize your own sword based on your preferences.

To buy swords from this shop, you’ll have to download the app from Google Playstore or Apple Store. From there, you can fully customize your sword and have a 3D view of the result of your customization.

For now, you can only order a customized Katana via the app. After the update, Samurai Swords Store will allow you to build a Wakizashi, Tanto, Tachi, Nodachi, Ninjato, Nagamaki, and Shirasaya.

Samurai swords store

For another customized sword other than a Katana, you can go to their website to fill out a form.

When customizing a sword, you will be choosing from a wide range of steel types for its blade. For the other parts like its fittings, you will be selecting a variety of materials for each of these.

The shop also allows you to choose from a range of additional accessories like a sword box, stand, and more.

When you finish customizing your sword and proceed to send a payment, the sword maker will work on your personalized sword. Once the sword is complete, they will ship it to you on the scheduled date.

Real sword collectors and martial arts practitioners looking for a customized Katana need more than just a decorative piece. If you’re looking for real swords for cutting purposes, you should go to is an online sword shop where you can find a wide variety of Samurai swords. Every sword sold here is functional and battle-ready, so you can already use it once you get the sword.

Katana For Sale

The swords you can find at are great for backyard cutting and Tameshigiri. These are made from high-quality carbon steel to keep the blades durable for cutting.

When ordering from, you can choose from a wide range of steel types for your blade. Some are also colored with natural dye to give it a unique appearance. The fittings also come in a variety of materials and designs, offering some of the best swords today.

The wide variety of available swords in makes it one of the top Samurai swords sellers in the market.


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