Top Samurai Trends in 2020 to Look for

The Samurai warrior influenced a lot of people in many different ways. And surprisingly, they even managed to influence the style and fashion of today’s modern culture.

If you’re someone who’s into Samurai-based themes, tons of top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for are available today.

The Samurai trends will help incorporate a variety of ideas into one’s daily fashion and ensemble. It’s perfect for Samurai enthusiasts, or for those who love the style and aesthetics of classic Japanese fashion.

With that, we’re sharing with you a list of these top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for. Here, you can proudly show off your style and creativity based on the elements that you love.

The Hanten Coats

If you’re tired of the same jacket for winter, it’s time to add some pop and style to your wardrobe. You can start investing in a Hanten, which is a standard outfit worn by the Samurai, and even commoners of ancient Japan.

These are comfortable coats worn and utilized for hundreds of years and remain in-style until today. It is all thanks to its simple, effective, and comfortable and convenient design.

Black kimono

Generally, the Hanten is a short and comfy winter coat commonly worn in the colder months. But with its cotton pads for warmth plus a tailored collar, it makes for excellent daily wear for all.

Initially, people wear the Hanten over a Kimono or other clothing. Other than that, they can even style it regardless of gender. It can entirely and conveniently replace a jacket or cardigan.

With that, the Hanten immediately joins our top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for.

Hakama for Men & Women

When the Samurai weren’t geared up in lamellar and preparing for battle, they were quite stylish in their own way.

Today, a few popular brands decided to upgrade the Hakama, which were pants worn by the Samurai.

A few Japanese apparel companies gave the Hakama a contemporary reimagining which is half chino pants and half Hakama.

Image Source: Samuraiantiqueworld / CC BY-SA

These upgraded Hakama are less wavy compared to the original ones, and can easily match with today’s fashion styles.

Despite its contemporary appeal, the modern-day Hakama still gives you a sense of feudal-era aesthetics and style. Plus, it’s something that can be styled up and worn by both men and women.

Etched Samurai-Style Racing Gear

Tattoo-inspired designs on various fashion items are popular today, so why not combine it with a hint of Samurai flair?

Samurai Tattoo designs and themes are among the top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for. With that, manufacturers of protective riding gear combined the worlds of fashion, auto, and ancient Japan.

Japanese Style
Japanese tradition style Illustration

If you’re a professional racer or motorbike-enthusiast, you can use protective gear while sporting a Samurai-inspired look.

You can find durable and quality-made racing suits that feature tattoo designs featuring Samurai and Maori prints. These are often marked on leather or other similar materials via an advanced laser system for tattooing.


Today, the Samurai essence and style isn’t only prevalent in clothing and accessories. It’s also popular when it comes to hairstyles.

In the past, the Samurai used to wear the Chonmage or traditional topknot hairstyle. The purpose of utilizing this was to hold and keep the Samurai helmet in place.

Commonly, the topknot sits atop the head, and the helmet rests on it. The Chonmage secured the protective gear and prevented it from falling even when the Samurai charged straight into the battlefield.

Image source: 稲葉小千 / Public domain

Other than that, it became a status symbol in Japanese society.

The Samurai would shave the top of their heads to make wearing the Kabuto helmet more comfortable. Today, people reimagined the style by keeping the hair at the top of the head, long. However, the hair at the sides and back undergoes shaving.

Celebrities like Jared Leto, Orlando Bloom, and Zayn Malik popularized this hairstyle. And because of its cool Samurai-appeal, the Chonmage joined the list of top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for.

Samurai Fight Bamboo Forest Embroidered Polo Shirt from Samurai.Land

Polo shirtAnother top Samurai trend in 2020 to look for is the Samurai Fight Bamboo Forest embroidered polo shirt. It’s a product from Samurai.Land that is part of their Samurai clothing collection. This design has a medium fit that isn’t too tight or loose on the body.

Plus, it’s made to order a product for men and is available in different colors. The available shades include Sky Blue, Cotton Pink, Burgundy, Red, Royal Blue, White, Khaki, French Navy, Sky Blue, and more.


The material used to create the polo shirt is 100% ring-spun combed cotton. It’s softer and more durable compared to regular cotton.

Samurai Sword Umbrella

Of course, even accessories like umbrellas have a Samurai-based theme to it. The Samurai sword umbrella is a popular item listed in our top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for. It’s one cool way to protect yourself from the rain while showing off your cool Samurai style.

Instead of a regular umbrella handle, these accessories boast a long, durable handle that accurately looks like a Tsuka (sword handle).

Aside from the handle, these umbrellas come with a cool-looking umbrella container that appears like a sheath or Saya.

Samurai Cat Zip Hoodie from Samurai.Land

Zip HoodieThe Samurai Cat Zip Hoodie from Samurai.Land is a fashionable piece that Samurai and fashion enthusiasts need. Because of its Samurai-based theme, it’s one of the top Samurai trends in 2020 to look for.

The design of this hoodie with a zipper features a printed design of a Samurai cat wearing a helmet. The print isn’t exactly a warrior, but it’s perfect for people who love cats and Samurai-based themes.

It’s a made to order hoodie and comes in a variety of cool colors. The following shades include Arctic White, Oxford Navy, Bottle Green, Red Hot Chili, Hot Pink, Steel Grey, and Sun Yellow.

Other available colors include Purple, Charcoal, Burgundy, Royal, Kelly, Jet Black, Heather Grey, Orange Crush, and New French Navy.

If you are interested in samurai products than take a look at our list of top samurai products.


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